Potty Training: Learning With The Animals – A Fun App To Ease The Potty Training Jitters

pottytrainingYour toddler is growing up and the time has come to teach her a very important life skill: going to the toilet. As any parent would know this is not easy. There is the tantrums, the crying and the plain refusal to go anywhere near the potty. This is where Potty Training swooshes in to make this experience a little bit better.

The scene is set in an Old MacDonald-style farm with chickens, a dog, a cat, a horse, and, surprisingly, a lion! All these animals have butterflies fluttering in their stomachs. Your toddler has to take these animals to the toilet to relieve them of their butterflies. The animals stand near the potty looking miserable, but as soon as your child clicks the green arrow above the the potty, they fly, drive, trot to the toilet. After finishing they look comfortable and happy. Once the animals are done your child gets to choose a boy or a girl to take to the toilet and is duly congratulated when finished. This app turns the whole experience into a game for the children. They can relate to the characters and their feelings of unease and see how using the potty makes everything better. The animation and bright colours are great to keep the toddlers from being distracted and let’s face it, all children love playing with iPhones.
However, there are a lot of good potty training apps out there which are also free. So as a paid app Potty Training needs to make some improvements to be able to compete. What it would definitely benefit from is a “Settings” option. This would allow users to turn the narration off if they want to tell the story in their own language or voice. Ability to set reminders to use the potty and make a note of successful/unsuccessful attempts wouldn’t go amiss.
The software is a bit slow to respond if you want to skip ahead. Despite these issues, Potty Training is a fun app. It may not teach your child to use the toilet, but it will make the experience less traumatic.

TheAppleGoogle Rating: 7/10

You can download the app from here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/potty-training-learning-animals/id600570351?mt=8 for $1.99