Leaked Document Shows AppGratis Was Charging Huge Prices for App Store Push

AppGratis was pulled out recently from the Apple App Store due to several reasons. One of the main reasons is that a document leaked by Business Insider shows that the company charges App developers to have their Apps put on to the top five most downloaded Apps on the Apple App Store.

Aside from this, the company uses a push notification to promote an app to millions of iOS users, a feature that could be described as a form of spamming, something Apple prohibits. A million actual downloads of the discounted app significantly improves its rankings on the Apple App charts. According to the leaked document, for ~$100,000.00, AppGratis can push an app to a position in the top five apps in the US version of the App Store alone. The top five most downloaded apps get a prominent position on the Apple App Store’s sales page.
Leaked Document
To appeal its removal from the Apple App Store, AppGratis launched an online signature campaign, a move it hopes would either make Apple reinstate their software or in one way or another shame Apple into relenting to their request to be reinstated. According to the AppGratis tally, they have already collected 800,000 signatures to their cause. Apple however seems to be unmoved standing by their user guidelines. Apple says they want their rankings to show the real value of an app through actual downloads and not by ranking inflation done by a promotion company. It is estimated that AppGratis is not the only app discovery service company around, and these types of businesses all have the potential to inflate app rankings and spam users, Apple could be pulling all of them soon. Whether AppGratis’ tactic will work on Apple or not, remains to be seen.

Read what the CEO of AppGratis has to say in this TechCrunch article.

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