Google Glass Kernel Now Available for Download

Google GlassThe much anticipated hi-tech futuristic hardware Google Glass is on its way. The blog Karthik’s Geek Center noted last Saturday that a Google Glass kernel source code is already available for download. According to a note on the download page, the Google Glass Kernel source code will be relocated adjacent to other Google Android kernel source releases from its current location at google code.

As mentioned by the blog, they discovered bits of code linking to NFC making the gadget capable of mobile payments, the writer made a disclaimer though by saying the code could be there by default because of its Android OS or he could be wrong about it altogether. Other things he found while tinkering with the code suggests that the Google Glass can take pictures by just winking and the zoom on a browser window could be adjusted with two-finger movements.
In connection with the oncoming release of Google Glass, Google released the developer version of the gadget to App developers Thursday along with documentation for the API, the programming interface used to create Google Glass Apps.

A day later Jay Freeman also known as “Saurik” announced, that he has “jailbroken” or hacked the device. Later that same day, Stephen Lau, Goggle Glass’ technical lead, was quoted “Not to bring anybody down… but seriously… we intentionally left the device unlocked so you guys could hack it and do crazy fun shit with it.”

Along with the release of the Google Glass kernel source code, Google also released hardware specifications of the device that the source code will support. The specifications are as follows:

a. Google Glass will be equipped with a 16GB Flash onboard memory. Four GBs of this will be allocated for the OS and the remaining 12GB can be used by users.
b. The built in Camera can take 5 mega pixels still pictures and 720p video.
c. The Audio would be using bone conduit transducers instead of the usual earphones.
d. Google Glass would support 802.11b/g Wi-FI and Bluetooth for networking and detached device support.
e. Google claims Glass’ batteries can last up to 24 hours.

From what Google is letting on, it looks like Google Glass is a device to look forward to, that is even before the Apps start emerging. The actual user reception to the device remains to be seen. But the hype around surrounding the device, things look good.

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