Glassdoor Ratings Show Employees Love Tim Cook

Tim Cook and Steve Jobs

Despite past rumors of the removal of Tim Cook from being the Apple CEO and Rocco Pendola calling his hiring ‘Steve Job’s worst decision’, in a recent compilation of survey ratings by Glassdoor, employees gave their CEO Tim Cook a collective 94% rating for being a good leader. Glassdoor is a site where employees from different companies can anonymously rate and post reviews of their companies and the management.

Having anonymity, employees would not have any problems making scathing comments and bad scores if they are dissatisfied with their companies or with the management. Tim Cook however got a very good rate of 94% from his employees despite being described by some as a slave driver with comments such as ‘Cook demands before 6 a.m. work every day’, and ‘no work-life balance to be expected while working at Apple’. The 94% rating for Tim Cook is great considering Steve Jobs himself got a 97% rating before he stepped down. The ratings came from employees across all ranks and departments. The employees range from sales personnel, to software specialists, to Apple Genius Bar staffers.

Apple as a company also got great reviews and ratings. Apple got 4 out of 5 stars by the 1,988 employees who have done the review as of this writing. According to one employee review, Apple is a great work place because employees can “get to work with great technology and meet amazing people.”

The data from Glass door is not foolproof; we can’t say that it paints a 100% accurate picture of the Apple work environment and the management skills of Tim Cook. It can be subject to self-selection bias but since ratings in the UK (3.5 out of 5), we can have a pretty good idea how Apple employees feel about their company and about their CEO. Tim Cook might not be Steve Jobs but it looks like making him CEO is far from being the late CEO’s (Job’s) worst decision.

via Glassdoor

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