To Err Is Human. To Self Destruct Messages, There Is iDelete for iOS

ideleteHave you ever sent a message you wish you hadn’t? Or sent a compromising photo which gave you sleepless nights? Worry no more, iDelete for iOS is here. Now, you can send texts and photos with the ability to delete themselves. Once the receiver opens the message they have anything between ten seconds to two minutes (time is set by you) to view it before the message self-destructs. And they really mean destruct. The message is not only deleted from the receiver’s phone but also from the sender’s and the server. That is thorough.
But what if someone takes a screenshot, you say? That is where iDelete’s “pending Screenshot Protection” comes in. The message is blurred over and the only way to view it clearly is through a tiny loop which appears when the receiver taps the screen. Since the message is unreadable without the loop it makes it impossible to take screenshots. It’s this feature that makes iDelete better than similar apps like Snapchat. Another great feature is the ability to recall sent messages. If the receiver hasn’t viewed a text you can delete it from your outbox.
One of the downsides of the app is that both parties need to have the app installed to send and receive messages. Also, even though the app is free, to register you need to send a text message to a +1 number which can incur a charge depending on the network and if you’re outside the USA. Currently, there is no ability to send a message to multiple recipients either. It may be something that might be introduced in a future update. One slight concern regarding the usage of the app is that it may be used for bullying and the victim will have no evidence of any threatening or harassing messages. But hopefully the app will be used by well-meaning people to have a bit of harmless fun without any regrets later.

TheAppleGoogle Rating 8.5/10

You can download the app for free from here: