Betaworks Acquires Instapaper

instapaperInstaper is an App that allows a user to save pages to read at a later time even when there is no internet connection. The Instapaper App is sold for $3.99 for the iOS version and the Android version is sold for $3.00. This is a paid App that does what other Apps like Safari (after the ‘reading list’ feature was added to it) and Pocket do for free. Today, Instapaper announced that Betawors has acquired a majority stake in the company.

Betaworks is a company known for turning around Apps, which are seemingly on the way down, one example, is Digg. Based on this trend, Betaworks might be able to get Instapaper out of the dumps as well. According to Arment, Instapaper is getting too big for one man to handle and in selling a majority stake to Betaworks he could get additional personnel to work on Instapaper and free himself some time to work on and develop new Apps. In a blogpost Marco Arment gave the following statement about the sale:

“I’m happy to announce that I’ve sold a majority stake in Instapaper to Betaworks. We’ve structured the deal with Instapaper’s health and longevity as the top priority, with incentives to keep it going well into the future. I will continue advising the project indefinitely, while Betaworks will take over its operations, expand its staff, and develop it further.” –Marco Arment

Betaworks could be the hope for Instapaper, what they would do to improve the App is still anybody’s guess since nothing about the deal has been disclosed to the public yet. Betaworks owns Bitly, Digg, Socialflow and other products. If there is a company that could make Instaper competitive despite the competition being free, it would be them.

Read the entire blog post by Marco Arment here.

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