Apple Hits 45B App Downloads Milestone

App StoreApple may be in the slumps according to the stock market but Apple just updated investors earlier today of one of the company’s recent victories. According to Apple, they have surpassed 45 billion unique App downloads as of today. Apple reported reaching 40B App downloads as of January, which means there have been more than 5B downloads in less than five months. It is estimated that Apple is getting a download rate of 800 App downloads per second. Apple also said in the earnings call that as of present they have paid out approximately $9 billion to App developers. According to Apple, they are currently paying as much as $1 billion to App Developers every quarter.

The 45 billion unique App downloads came from a store with a total 850,000 iOS Apps, 350,000 of that designed for iPad. According to 2011 Apple reports, the Apple App Store only had 350,000 Apps and of that number, only 60,000 were iPad Apps. These numbers show that the contents of the App Store have grown more than double (about 2.4 times) its number of offered Apps since 2011 and the number of iPad Apps have grown six times its original number as of the same period. The beauty of this is that these are not just statistics dominated by free App downloads, Apple is indeed getting profit from these downloads.

Along with reaching the 45 Billion unique App downloads mark, Apple is also celebrating the success of iTunes. iTunes is currently dominating the digital content downloads in TV and Movie downloads areas. Apple’s gadget sales might be slowing down but that doesn’t mean the whole company is losing it. Apple surely is taking ground in their other areas of business.

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