60K Low Quality Apps Dropped from Google Play

Google PlayGoogle just dropped an estimated 60,000 low quality, and potentially malware carrying apps from the Google Play store. It is estimated by many and openly stated by Google that their store contains around 700,000 apps. The reason for most of the deletions is that the content directly violates some of Google Play’s Terms of Service. The most affected apps are those in the mp3/ringtone category, some of the deletions are due to the fact that some of these apps violate their terms of service regarding music but most are taken down for quality purposes. Some of the deletions also include apps that violate their spamming and ranking terms of service. Shown here is the section of the terms of service that removed apps violated.

Spam and Placement in the Store
Developers are important partners in maintaining a great user experience on Google Play.
 Do not post repetitive content.
 Product descriptions should not be misleading or loaded with keywords in an attempt to manipulate ranking or relevancy in the Store’s search results.
 Developers also should not attempt to change the placement of any Product in the Store by rating an application multiple times, or by offering incentives to users to rate an application with higher or lower ratings.
 Apps that are created by an automated tool or wizard service must not be submitted to Google Play by the operator of that service on behalf of other persons.
 Do not post an app where the primary functionality is to: Drive affiliate traffic to a website or provide a webview of a website not owned or administered by you (unless you have permission from the website owner/administrator to do so)
 Do not send SMS, email, or other messages on behalf of the user without providing the user with the ability to confirm content and intended recipient.

Although Google deleted most of the apps, some of the apps deleted during this period were actually taken down by their own publishers. Unlike Apple who reviews Apps before uploading them to the Apple App Store, Google does the opposite by allowing the upload first before they review the apps. It is rumored that Google has updated its automated system to be able to scan not just for malware but also for quality of the apps as well. A lot of people would appreciate it the low quality and malware carrying apps do not get in the app store in the first place. Still this moved is viewed positively by many as a move to make Google Play a safer place to shop for Apps.

via Techcrunch

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