Meet The Person Who Received The Steve Jobs Prank Call To Starbucks

Back in 2007 when Apple introduced the first iPhone, Steve Jobs made a call to Starbucks. It was prank call and when the person received the call, Steve ordered 4,000 lattes to go. And then said “Just kidding! Wrong number. Bye.”.

Today, Fast Company has managed to track down that person and its incredible to hear that Hannah still works at the same Starbucks. Here’s a short script from the article –

Sincere and sweet, Hannah has been working at the same Starbucks for more than a half-decade. “Honestly, I was shocked,” she recalls. “I have never heard somebody order 4,000 lattes to go. I didn’t say anything because I was shocked. But my first impression was that he was just being humorous. He sounded like a gentleman.”…

“Customers would sometimes come up to me and go, ‘Did you know somebody at your store actually talked to Steve Jobs?’ I feel very happy and lucky that I had a chance to actually talk to him. It means a lot to me that he picked our Starbucks,” explains Hannah, wearing her green Starbucks apron. “My friends were surprised and jealous, like, ‘Wow, you got a chance to talk to Steve Jobs?’ They say to me, ‘You should’ve said more! You just say Good morning and How can I help you.’”

Oh and if Steve’s order was for real, it would have taken Starbucks 48 hours to deliver the entire order. Read the entire article here at Fast Company.

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