Heist and Run – An Awesome Casual Racing Experience (REVIEW)

heist and runHeist and Run for iOS is a fast-paced casual racing game in which you have a speeding car with three lanes full of traffic and multiple cops chasing you. Avoid the cops, keep racing forward, dodge the traffic and collect coins to keep progressing in this endless racing game. Hit any car three times and the game is over.

Dodging the police is fairly easy in Heist and Run, you just need to be careful about other cars. The other cars are the ones that make the entire game a bit hard. In winning, it’s all about the distance covered and the coins collected. The more of those things, the better you fair.
In general, the App is an awesome casual racing experience if you are looking for some quick fun. You can use the tilt based turning option or simply tap on the left and right had side of the screen to switch lanes. The tilt based method is more intuitive.


►Cartoon ‘stylized’ graphics
►Many different pre-apocalyptic cars
►Buy awesome cars from the garage
►Collect coins and use them to buy upgrades
►Dynamic traffic
►Get coins for performing stunning tricks
►Procedural roads
►Road coins procedurally generated
►Casual endless tracks with time-distance difficulty
►Universal build (iPhone/iPad/iPod)
►Supercharged cars
►Powerful casual racing
►Attractive gameplay
►Free to play, no ads whatsoever

Overall, the game is extremely fun and has no lacking features. It’s free and you can get it from the App Store.

TheAppleGoogle Rating – 10/10