Goodo Cal Is A Highly Intuitive Calendar App for iPhone

goodocalGoodo Calendar is an awesome and user-friendly app, developed by Sheng Sun, which has none of the unnecessary stuff that you find on most calendar app. It is simple and straight forward and provides a redesigned and refreshing layout with every option and feature just a click away.

Goodo Calendar is fun and initiative to use. It provides features that make the app easy to use. One of the features that the app provides is “Stream View”. This feature distinguishes it from other calendar applications. Instead of moving between various pages just to view an event, Stream View puts all the events in a chronological order so you can view them by scrolling. Other features include “Fast Event Creation”, “Works Online and Offline” and “Cloud Backup”. Also categorizing your events allows easy access to it and with just a peak at it, you can understand what that event is. Goodo Cal does save a lot of time.
The design and layout of the app is really simple. As the app claims to have the cleanest Design, it surely does. Goodo Calendar has kept the interface straightforward and managed to add more functions into it without making it complicated. We didn’t encounter any problems with the app.
Goodo Cal is a must to have app for those who use calendar a lot to keep up with their events. Goodo Cal is available on the App Store for free for iPhone, iPod and iPad in the Productivity category.

You can get the App for free from the App Store.

TheAppleGoogle Rating – 9/10

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