How To: Edit Photos On iPhone

editJust clicked a picture with your iPhone and need to edit it instantly? You don’t need to have another App to do that, you can get simple yet powerful editing options right within the Photos App. So how do you edit photos on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad?

It’s simple. Follow this how to guide –

1. Launch the Photos App
2. Go to Camera Roll
3. Select the picture you want to edit
4. Hit the Edit Button on the top right corner

Once you hit edit, you’ll be presented with options like Rotate, Auto-enhance, Red-eye removal and Crop. Simply select the desired option and save the picture and you’re done.

That’s how you edit a picture on your iOS device simply. You can download some Apps from the App Store if you are looking for more professional stuff – Photo Forge 2 is a good choice.

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