Disk Drill for Mac – Recover Deleted Data Files Instantly

diskdrillWith Disk Drill for Mac from Cleverfiles, you have the remarkable opportunity to recover all your lost and deleted App files instantly back on your Mac. Disk Drill powerfully scans your hard drive for all deleted files and helps you recover them in a neat fashion. Most file formats are compatible with Disk Drill, so no matter what you’ve deleted, be it pictures, songs, videos, files, documents or anything else, Disk Drill will be able to recover it for you.

Disk Drill has a very competitive pricing. It is free for basic users, while pro users can buy packages starting from $89. Even if you accidentally lost an entire partition that was on your Mac, Disk Drill can help recover that as well. Disk Drill is heavy on features. If your disk has been damaged, you can seamlessly create a entire copy of the disk virtually without having to access it.
The recovery vault is the most essential feature of the App which basically allows you to dig deep into your drives and recover the deleted files. With the free version, you can view the files that can be recovered from any hard drive. This is a great feature as Disk Drill offers you the chance to preview what can be recovered and what cannot.

The sad part is that with one license, the application can be used on only one computer. The reason this works is that even after a user deletes a file from even the trash can, the details of it are still stored somewhere which is where Disk Drill recovers the file from.

The user interface is extremely simple and anybody will feel comfortable using it. Overall, Disk Drill is a great tool that can help you recover files in an intuitive way.

The App is not available on the Mac App Store, but you can download it from here.