Topzie for iOS Review – Air Hockey With A Twist

Overview: Topzie, is a Soccer – Air Hockey hybrid, which is a brand new type of game, on the App Store. Released at the end of January, it still has a long way to go. Read on for our full, in-depth and detailed review of the game.


When we launched the app for the first time, the visual appeal and details were amazing, and gave a beautiful first impression. The visual design of the interface and the graphics of the game, are enthralling. Especially on the large retina display screen of the iPhone 5. You are first greeted with two main options, Quick Play, and Join Lobby. These are pretty self explanatory, Tapping Quick Play instantly connects you with another online player, and what was surprising was the fact that it only took seconds to connect to another player. Going to the lobby lets you connect and interact with other players, and also has a public chat feature, where you can interact with other Topzie users and players.

You can also make custom password protected games for playing with specific players! The controls of the game are simple, you have an air hockey table, with a puck (top), and both the players have to hit it, till one of them scores, and so on. There is a time limit as well. But here’s where the ‘twist’ comes in. You don’t control your player by simply tapping on it, and moving it around your screen, rather, you have an onscreen virtual joystick, that you use to control your player. Tapping the screen lets you ‘slam’ the puck, into the opposite direction. This can be a fun modification to your regular controls. You can also zoom in and out during the game, for your ease. After you’re done playing, you can also go to the leaderboards and see where you stand in the competition. The best thing? It’s completely free.


While the graphics, gameplay and the idea of the new controls is great, it is most definitely not easy to control your player. First of all, there is too much momentum in your player, and it gets extremely difficult to get your player to the right point. Secondly, the joystick is pretty unstable, and sometimes, tends to work, and sometimes, doesn’t. Apart from this, this is pretty good.


While this game is relatively pretty amazing for a newcomer and the first version, it still has a long way to go. The graphics are good and the idea is strong, but the controls need improvement. With improvements and feature enhancements, this can be a masterpiece.


Final Rating: 8/10

You can download the App for free from here.

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