Next for iPhone – The Fantastic Expense Tracking App (REVIEW)

nextNext is a brand new App for the iPhone coming from the developers of the highly popular Moneybook and BudgetBook Apps for the iPhone and iPad. Personally, I use BudgetBook for the iPad on a regular basis and it is my go-to finance App. So why Next when Moneybook already exists for the iPhone?
Most importantly, Next helps you get control of your expenses based on categories. All different categories are presented on the home screen, the ones that you use will be highlighted in blue while the ones that you use the most will be highlighted in dark blue. The most stunning part with all Apps from noidentity is the user interface. And so is true with Next. The user interface is absolutely a charm to use.
You can instantly add expenses and everything is extremely elegant and intuitive. With every action, sounds are also available that make a good experience. Swipe left to view statistics and swipe right to view detailed finances.

Next is pretty cool, but not as powerful as other Apps coming from the developers. It’s a good start, but needs more features to make it a killer App. iCloud is one of the missing features.

You can get the App from the App Store for $1.99

TheAppleGoogle Rating – 9/10

  • Jennifer Mark

    Expense tracking keeps that much importance in life how much the reporting keeps basically. Practically the segmented data in terms of expense matters to be the key points in the reporting structure and that is what has become more precious than anything else. The Next finance app shows up the same approach for the expense management and expense reports practically. I liked the UI part of this app which seems quite definitive in to be in the race.