MobileSleepDoc – The App for The Sleepaholic or Insomniac

mobilesleepdocAre you a sleepaholic, and find yourself sleeping in every weekend, getting late for school or work? Or are you an insomniac? Just laying there on the bed, trying to fall asleep, but to no avail? Well then, MobileSleepDoc is the app for you. Read on for the complete in-depth review.


When you launch the app, it gives you 3 pages, the first is called the ‘Interview Questions,’ and is where you input your name, age, and basically all other basic details, and you can also list any medical disorders you have, or any other sleep related problems, as well as your consumption of caffeine, how many times you wake up during the night and so on. The second one is the ‘Stop bang,’ Which is basically a ‘Yes/No’ page full of questions, and finally, an ‘EpWorth Sleepiness Scale,’ where you input data related to how easily you can fall asleep in specific situations. Once this is done, it gives you a result page, and tells you whether or not you have a sleeping disorder, for me, I didn’t have any, so it said that. Once the basics are done, there’s a bit more you can do.

You are shown a splash screen of the app, with a few icons. ‘Questionnaires’ lets you view the three pages you filled up earlier, and also allows you to export your details to PDF via Email. There is also a settings menu where you can edit basic stuff. You can also access the ‘SoundScapes’ section, which lets you listen to a couple of soothing natural sounds, these are downloadable in app.

There are three more main features, ‘Stimulus Control Therapy,’ which lets you sleep more efficiently, and a ‘Sleep Restriction Therapy,’ which is a similar therapy.  Finally, you can go to the reports section, and record and log your ‘getting out of bed’ and awakening times, and similar for sleeping, and ‘getting into bed’ timings, and it then provides you with graphs and reports based on your usage. It also lets you ‘Ask a Doctor,’  find Doctors or Sleep Centers nearby, and access sleep Metrics, in the Resources Menu. You can also set a password on your entire records, if you wish to keep them private.

The app has an easy and quite beautiful interface, and while it can be a bit confusing at first, you will get used to it in no time. It is chock full of features for anyone who has sleeping disorders, or would just like to sleep more efficiently, best thing about it? Its completely free. I find this to be an amazing app and concept.


No cons here really, but it would be quite helpful if simple app usage instructions are given as you navigate through it, though there is a separate option for a User Guide.



An amazing concept, that is very well delivered by this app. And since its free, and really useful, and has a pleasant user interface,  I really can’t find much negative to say about it.

Score: 9.5/10

Get it on the iTunes Store here.

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