The iOS 6.1 Lockscreen Can Be Bypassed

It appears that Apple did not do enough testing. A new way has been discovered to bypass the default iPhone unlock screen which has a passcode setup. The method is a bit complicated, and while some users are reporting a black screen, the above video clearly indicates that a bypass does exist.

Here’s what you need to do –

From a locked iPhone running iOS 6, load the emergency dial screen.
Press and hold the power button and then hit cancel.
Make a fake emergency call — I dialed 112 like in the video.
Hang up immediately.
Hit the power button to put the phone back in standby.
Hit the home button to bring up the lockscreen
Hold down the power button and at the three-second mark, hit the Emergency Call button.
Keep holding the power button until the Phone App comes up.
Hit the Home Button and release as if you’re taking a screen shot.

After doing all of this, you gain limited access to the Phone App, Photos, Email, Messages and FaceTime.