HTC One – Is This The Phone You Want?

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HTC moments ago released their new flagship phone for 2013, the HTC One. And it is nothing short of a killer device. So what’s so special about this phone that Apple and Samsung fanboys need to know about? Read on for more details on the new device.

It sports a 1080p 4.7″ screen, which produces a Pixel Density of 468 ppi (Pixels Per Inch). It also has a 5 UltraPixel shooter on the rear, which, thanks to this new technology, produces images of a very high quality, which should be on par with 12-13 MP cameras because of the ImageSense 2 chip. On top of that, they introduced ‘Zoe’ which allows you to extract frames from special videos, to capture that right moment. If you think that’s all, they’ve also included a ‘Smart Flash’ that automatically chooses from 5 predefined flash settings. It boasts a SnapDragon 600 processor with 2GBs of RAM. Onboard is a 32/64 GB Virtual SDCard, and as per HTC’s recent devices, it has a non-removable battery, and no external SDCard slot. The screen is a Super LCD 2, coated in Gorilla Glass 2, for maximum protection.


The phone features the brand new Sense 5, based on Android 4.1.2, with the ‘BlinkFeed’ which constantly gathers all your information from your phone, and displays it in a neat tile interface on your homescreen. HTC has always been popular for its sound quality, and the HTC One doesn’t lack in this category, thanks to the new ‘BoomSound’ feature the company introduced.

It features a full Aluminum body, and has a very sleek and unique design, with elegantly cut edges, which resemble some of HTC’s latest devices, the DNA, the HTC 8X, and, Apple’s iPhone (Hope there’s not a lawsuit coming soon). While it may look like a beefy device, its actually relatively lighter, at 143 grams.

Along the back, is a camera, which is much more ‘subtle’ than the one on the previous flagship phones, the One X and the One X+.

htc one 2

If there’s one thing that isn’t liked about the design, it is the speaker they’ve put on the front, along the bottom, we really feel it should have stayed on the back, though this may provide a better audio experience.

Pricing and Release Date:
HTC is said to release by late March, in over 185 countries, and if we compare previous pricing patterns, it would probably cost around $500-$550.

The reaction of the public to this new flagship, has been largely positive. True results will only be known once this phone hits the market.

(Via AndroidCentral)

Let us know what you think, do you like it? Will you get it? Any comments? Leave your thoughts below:

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