Add A Personalized Touch To Your Facebook Status Updates With Hollanote for iPhone (REVIEW)

hollanoteHollanote for iPhone, a new App allows you to update your Facebook status in a highly personalized manner. Simply update your status normally or add different smileys available, backgrounds to your status updates, custom fonts and colors and photographs that suit the update. Hollanote gives your Facebook status updates a new look and different from others.

Using the App is simple, just fire it up, add your status update, design it and post it instantly to your Facebook page. iPhone 5 support is not built in yet, but it sure should be in the works. A lot of different face icons are available for you to express your emotions. While quite a few designs and face icons are available for free, you can unlock lots more with a simple in-app purchase for just $0.99. The App is in itself free, but includes just one $0.99 purchase to unlock the full version.


The user interface has been elegantly designed. Users will not be able to toggle privacy settings from within the App for each individual status update. This is a feature that needs to be added.

Overall, Hollanote is a good idea if you are looking to make your Facebook status updates unique. You can download the App for free from here.

TheAppleGoogle Rating – 8/10

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