Haloo Is A Graphically Stunning Dating App for iPhone

halooHaloo for iPhone and iPod touch is a dating App that will help you meet new people in your life. The user interface is strikingly beautiful and there are all those highly essential features like live chatting, picture sharing, location sharing, personal details and more that you’d expect to have on a dating App. You cannot use the App without registration (can also be done via Facebook).

Firstly, you need to register with your email address and choose your gender to get started with Haloo. The App would then use your location to determine the people nearby your area who are also interested in dating and meeting new people. You can then find people nearby your location and get started with the conversation with them and share details about each other.
It also includes the ability to live chat with the other person and send picture flawlessly using the App itself. If there are multiple people talking together, groups can be formed. The App distinguishes between girls and guys in a great format. Haloo only provides personal based accurate recommendations.

One cool feature about the App is that if another person using the App is walking beside you or say is standing right in front of you, you will be notified.
On the other hand, the App does not support the large iPhone 5 screen yet. Some of the other cool features are part of a subscription fee model which starts at $15.99/month which is very high for the features being provided. For payment, your iTunes account is used. This subscription based model, according to us is the wrong path to choose and is a let down. The free version is great to use and provides all the basic features required.

You can get the App from the App Store for free for iPhone and iPod touch.

TheAppleGoogle Rating – 8/10