Blo-Ball Soccer Is A Retro and Original Soccer Game for Mac

Games for the Mac come in many different varieties, some sophisticated, and some intended for casual use. Blo-Ball Soccer fits directly into the casual category. The developers at Carbon Iced Ltd have developed their game for optimum use on short coffee breaks and lunchtimes. Blo-Ball Soccer is a simple game, which allows you to play soccer against an automated player generated by your computer. With Blo-Ball Soccer you can have a fun few minutes scoring goals by way of dragging the player you wish to operate in the direction of the ball, whilst competing with the opposition. During gameplay, you will be presented with a clear view of the game you’re playing, what the current score is and a clear differentiation between the two teams.

We were very impressed by the smooth gameplay and navigation experience the user can get from this application, this is because of a well-developed, yet simple UI (User Interface) and a well thought out layout and infrastructure. This application proved to be a joy to play, without the diminishing factor of any bugs or crashes. In addition, we found that this application was overwhelmingly addictive, and we found ourselves wanting to play this game in every possible spare 5 minutes we had. Moreover, we were also impressed by the fact that the developer hasn’t included any advertisements within this application, as this almost always makes for a bad user experience.


However, while the content and gameplay are to this application’s advantage, we feel that the overall aesthetics could be improved considerably. This application may be one of a simple nature, but we feel that with an overhaul of the GUI (Graphical User Interface) and the introduction of some more professional looking graphical and typographical assets will benefit the overall appearance.

Blo-Ball has a simplistic nature, which is definitely effective for the gameplay. With no adverts and a well-developed UI, the developers of Blo-Ball Soccer have gone to great lengths to allow their application to stand out and excel. However, like anything, it’s not perfect – in fact we think that the aesthetics of this application are a major let down and that you might want to consider some of the alternative 2D based soccer games on the App Store prior to making your decision on which one to purchase and download.

 Blo-Ball Soccer Screenshot 2

TheAppleGoogle Rating: 7/10

You can download this application here. ($0.99)

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