Amazon’s New Ad Targets iPad’s Retina Display

Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer has just launched an ad for the Amazon Kindle HD that compares the iPad’s gorgeous retina display to the HD screen of the Amazon Kindle HD. The ad clearly mentions that both devices have HD quality screens and that you won’t be able to spot the difference in screen quality, but when it comes to pricing, Amazon only charges $299 while the iPad is priced at $499.

But Amazon is not clear in mentioning the fact that the iPads retina display clearly beats out Amazon’s Kindle HD screen in terms of both pixel density and size.

iPad – 9.7 inch and 264 pixels per inch.
Amazon Kindle HD – 8.7 inch lower resolution 254 pixel density.

While this may only have an impact on certain users, it is still a fact. What do you think?

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