Zombie Master for iOS Tries to Combine StarCraft and Gears of War (REVIEW)

zombie masterZombie Master for iOS is an action role playing game that basically put you in the very center of a zombie apocalypse. Your job is to clean out a deadly virus that is spreading across cities using strategic planning and forming a special task force to wipe out the zombies and the virus from the face of the earth.

The game starts off with a tutorial to aid you in playing the game. The tutorial consists of basic elements such as where to establish a base by collecting resources and constructing buildings. The base, that you will establish, will deposit minerals, gas fields, barracks, armory, labs etc. Moreover, building structures require resources and time ranging from 5 min to 20 min.
After you are set up, you can start attacking infected cities by selecting a sector on the map. As mentioned above, your objective is to clear those cities in order to gain resources to increase your base’s capacity and strength.
One of the best things about Zombie Hunter is that when you decide to attack a sector, the game changes to a third person view allowing you to select different weapons and shoot the zombies. It is as same as you would play a typical zombie game. Also the gameplay and the graphics are good in both third person and strategic view. The characters movements are smooth and animations in the game are a nice touch though you will need an A5 processor to run the game lag free. The graphics are just fine and can be improved. Gameplay is interesting.
Zombie Master is available on the App Store for Free for iPhone and iPad.

TheAppleGoogle Rating – 8/10