Edit Powerpoint Presentations on your Android Device with EasyPPT

easyppt2EasyPPT is an app that allows users to remotely control their presentations on the PC screen with their Android smartphones. It basically deals with PowerPoint presentations, hence the .PPT extension in the name. EasyPPT utilizes the powerful .Net framework which gives the users the ability to connect to their PC in real-time and provides complete freedom of control over their presentations.

EasyPPT includes useful editing features such as the Pen tool that provides different colors and thickness levels to stimulate the natural writing. Moreover EasyPPT also allows saving presentations directly from the phone to the PC or vice versa which does makes it unique among other remote control presentation apps.

Setting up EasyPPT does take time so you will need it to be preinstalled on both smartphone and PC to save time (yes, you also have to install and configure it on your PC). Established connections are very reliable. Although the layout and appearance of the app isn’t detailed and not too good looking, its functionality and presentation tool features make up for this part. The developer also has a website dedicated to help users to understand and learn more about the app.

You might think that EasyPPT would be valued around 4-5 dollars based on its features and functions. But, fortunately, it is for FREE on the Google Play store. EasyPPT is a great app for those who work with presentations a lot and definitely worth the try.

Ratings: 8/10