Ninja Volley 2013 for Android – Volleyball With Ninjas (REVIEW)

ninja volleyNinja Volley 2013 for Android is an absolutely incredible 2D volleyball game for Android. The graphics are simply stunning and the way in which Ninja Volley presents the gameplay is enticing. It give you a complete volleyball game experience. Instead of a simple volleyball game, Ninja Volley tackles things with a twist, you’ve got ninjas playing volleyball.
ninja volley 2
You need to have strong reflexes to emerge as a winner in Ninja Volley 2013. You can train your ninjas and slowly keep upgrading them to become a global leader. There is a Ninja Volley global leaderboard powered by ScoreLoop that will help you share your score with players worldwide. What separates Ninja Volley is that it includes ninjas playing the incredible game of volleyball in a 2D gameplay experience.

– Unique and addictive 2D volleyball gameplay.
– Smooth learning curve, six increasingly challenging divisions.
– Equipment and upgrade system to specialize your ninjas.
– 8 Secret techniques to train and unleash.
– Competitive global leaderboard powered by ScoreLoop.
– Fully customize the appearance of your team!
ninja volley 3
It’s a fun game and we highly recommend it. Ninja Volley is not too heavy on the CPU even with its powerful gameplay and graphics.

Moreover, the App is free. So we highly recommend it. You can get the game from Google Play.

TheAppleGoogle Rating – 10/10