Jump Tactfully From One Platform to Another in Skyworld Enigma for iOS

skyworld enigmaSkyworld Enigma, developed by InfusedDreams, is a unique puzzle game with all sorts of tricks you could imagine. It perfectly combines the experience of a puzzle game and an action game so you will have endless hours of just enjoyment.

Skyworld Enigma features innovative gameplay which basically makes you control a boy who is lost in a sky world and his only means of escape is a hot air balloon. It is not as simple as navigating the boy to the balloon but your every decisions counts. Once you move the boy, the unstable cloud behind him will crumble away. So, your every move has to be right or else he is doomed to death. Skyworld Enigma includes more than 50 levels and to make it a little bit easier, you can find items, portals, gems and coins to remove obstacles in his way.
Skyworld Enigma is a very addictive and challenging puzzle game with appealing characters all in a stunning retina display. The game also includes an in app purchase that allows players to unlock features and buy themes and items from the internal store. Although the game is appealing, the appearance and graphics could have been better.
Skyworld Enigma is fun for the entire family. All age groups can play it easily but mastering it is really difficult. Skyworld Enigma is available on the App Store for Free for both the iPhone and iPad. Also available for Android via Google Play.

TheAppleGoogle Rating 8/10