Amazon Launches Web Based Music Store for iPhone Users

Amazon MP3 StoreApple, you need to be careful of Amazon. Amazon has today launched a new web based music store specifically for iPhone users. iOS users can now go to to purchase music from the website directly for their iPhone, and everything is synced with your Amazon ID. Each song can be previewed for 30 seconds.

The highly regarded “1-click purchase” is a part of the service so with just one tap, you can buy the music. Songs purchased can be played anytime via the “Amazon Cloud Player” App. Everything just seems to work seamlessly.

The pricing is highly competitive as well. You cannot purchase music from within the cloud player App due to Apple’s restrictions. So the workaround, just go to the website, buy music, and then play it anytime anywhere via the Cloud Player App. You can also use the Amazon MP3 Download Tool to get the purchased music on your PC or Mac and then sync it with iTunes.

You can access the store here.