Wanna Stay Happy? Get Happy for iOS Will Help You To Do Just That

get happyIf you’re looking to stay happy and are in need of some inspiration, simply download Get Happy for iOS. Get Happy for iOS presents you ways to increase your happiness by providing daily tips to help you stay focused in life. The quotes and tips will help you stay motivated in life and also give you a whole new way to deal with the problems in your day-to-day life. The concept is very strong and the execution has been done in a great way.

Get Happy features an intuitive design that makes using the App a breeze. Every day, a new tip is posted which can be viewed as soon as you fire the App. You can also obtain personalized tips from different categories including relationships, personal growth, leisure and word education. Each tip can be individually rated and added to your favorites so you can always view them later.
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Get Happy is a great source of inspiration. Based on the four categories, you can rate yourself on a score card of 10 and tell Get Happy how happy you are at the current stage of life. Based on your input, the tips will be formulated. iPhone 5 (larger screen) support has not been added yet and the tips need more refreshment on a daily basis.

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Features Include:
✔ Learn skills to effectively deal with painful thoughts and feelings and provide clarity about what is really important in your life. This knowledge will guide, inspire and motivate you to make changes for a better life.

✔ You will receive a tip every day, similar to having a clinical psychologist nudge you in the right direction for raising your personal happiness.

✔ The tips are organized based upon four pillars of happiness: relationships, leisure, personal growth and work & education.

✔ A key feature is a self-rating system that prioritizes daily tips based upon areas in your life most in need of improvement.

✔ Get Happy provides psychological strategies in a portable and accessible way, perfect for even the busiest individuals’.

Get Happy was designed by a practicing clinical psychologist to deliver simple and effective daily tips. Because it is evidence-based advice, Get Happy’s tips are both relevant and highly actionable.

The App has a very strong price point of $0.99. You can get the App from the App Store.

TheAppleGoogle Rating – 9/10