Keep A Track of All Your Trip Details With Triplog for iOS

triplogTriplog allows you to store all details of your trips and manage them later. With Triplog, you can track your gas mileage, trips and the related costs and also get the correct tax deductions automatically. Based on the data received from the GPS in your device, Triplog automatically calculates the costs related to your driving and presents highly detailed reports for better management and higher productivity.

Triplog’s user interface is extremely elegant. Using the App is simply a breeze and features are packed to the gills. Usability is not an issue with Triplog for iOS. iCloud is deeply integrated with the App so all data is synced across all devices. During input of costs, you can always take a picture of a receipt and add it for reference purposes. All trip details can be tracked and analyzed.
Gas mileage, fuel costs, passengers and every single trip detail can be entered using Triplog. Data processing is remarkably handled by Triplog. It can be exported as CSV or even backed up to Dropbox. If you’re going on a trip, regardless of the duration, Triplog is a very handy App and we highly recommend it.
You can get it for $2.99 from the App Store.

TheAppleGoogle Rating – 9/10