Repost Any Picture to Instagram With InstaRepost for iOS (REVIEW)

instarepostAs the name suggests, InstaRepost is all about Instagram. InstaRepost allows users to repost photos immediately on Instagram without taking the picture off the screen. Instagram App and other Instagram viewers do not include sharing photos but InstaRepost allows just that with the consent of the user, meaning it superimposes the user name of the owner on the reposted photo.

InstaRepost app is brilliant at doing what it is supposed to do. It lets users repost photos on their own photo streams. Reposting photos has been discouraged by Instagram itself. So the only way around this situation was to take a picture of the screen and post it up. InstraRepost removes this difficulty and simplifies the work.
InstaRepost just makes Instagram easy and fun. Key features of InstaRepost include unfollow, like or repost options, share photos with a third person, repost photos on your photo streams with ease. The App displays the user’s Instagram feeds consisting of all the photo streams. Then each stream can be opened individually and then options, mentioned above, can be used. Feature wise, the App can certainly be improved and new features can be added. The interface is fine and browsing is smooth.

Overall, InstaRepost is an amazing app that surely improves the Instagram picture posting experience. It is available on the App Store for free in the Photo & Video category for iPhone, iPod and iPad.

TheAppleGoogle Rating : 8/10