Reign of Conquerors Strategic Game for iOS (REVIEW)

reign of conquerorsReign of Conquerors, developed by Minoraxis Inc, is a uniquely immersive online RPG based strategic game that basically puts you into command of a very vast empire. Being the commander of your empire, you also get the opportunity to improve it by fighting battles and building strategic alliances with other players. Once players install the game and play it, they will be prompted to create an account (to play an online game you need an online account and internet) and select their game server which will send them straight to a mission that includes completing a tutorial and listening to a narrative story on their kingdom’s history.

Furthermore, Reign of Conquerors allows players to choose between two types of kingdoms, the kingdom of champions and the kingdom of alchemists. Kingdom of Champions feature battle troops with great defensive attributes including shield knights, heavy infantry etc. On the other hand, Kingdom of the Alchemist has troops with mighty attacks such as assassins and lance knights.

Players have to collect different resources from nearby buildings to keep their kingdom moving. Moreover, battling other kingdoms will benefit your kingdom by giving it special resources and increasing ranks. To fight a battle, a hero is need to be trained from the Hall of Heroes, which is ultimately your troops leader and the players(you) lead him.
Majority of the gameplay is focused around completing achievements or quests. These are divided into recommended quests, daily quests, construction quests, battle quests, and resource quests.
The appearances of the App, meaning the graphics, are very smooth and really decent for an iOS game of this scale. The app did what it was supposed to do and there were no noticeable problems that we encountered. Could be a bit confusing at times.

Reign of Conquerors is an enjoyable app and you will love it (if you like RPG gaming). It is available for free on the App Store for iPhone and iPad.

TheAppleGoogle Rating: 9/10