PuXXles for iPhone Takes Social Interaction to a Whole New Level (REVIEW)

PuXXles is a social networking app that completely changes how you interact with your friends and people. As you might have guessed, PuXXles must have something to do with puzzles. You can create jigsaw puzzles, riddles and more and send them to your friends to see what they might accomplish.

PuXXles is basically sending messages between you and your friends. Wait, these are not just any simple messages but encrypted ones that, in order to view what the message contained, a riddle or jigsaw puzzle has to be solved. Riddles and puzzles can be created using your pictures and text. Moreover, PuXXles also allows you to post your friend’s PuXXles online. Users can create personal profiles in which they can post their own puxxles and add privacy to your puxxles so that you can control who can view these. Lastly, another feature lets users get notified with what their friends have used to solve the riddle and get all the wrong answers to your puxxle that they have might have used.

PuXXles is a unique app that shows there is more to social connections. The layout and appearance of the app is very simple and every feature is easily accessible. Although sometimes these riddles and puzzles become frustrating, it’s not a reason to fuss much about.

Overall, Puxxles is a great app and available for both iPhone and iPad on the App Store for free.

TheAppleGoogle Rating – 9/10