Play Slots Right On Your iPad With Slot Bonanza HD for iPad

With Slot Bonanza HD for iPad, you can play your own slots on your iPad. The iPad is the perfect device that could serve as the right replacement for the slot machine screen and with Slot Bonanza HD, we are arriving close to the scenario. Slot Bonanza HD features 6 different slot machines in one App. The graphics of the game have been well designed and the background music provides a realistic experience.

You get the best home based experience of playing Slots with Slot Bonanza HD. Just tap on the “Spin” button and the slots will start spinning and automatically stop. If you’re lucky and you get any of the combos, you get bonuses and a huge jackpot if (ofcourse) you hit the jackpot.

The graphics are the most absorbing part of the game, they appear quite polished. Makes you feel close to Vegas. There are many different options that change the theme of the slots. From Vegas Spin to Jungle Madness to Disco Heat, you’ll find numerous themes within Slot Bonanza HD for iPad. The only thing with Slot Bonanza HD is that it can get boring after some time. While the game is free to purchase, you can buy coins as in-app purchases.

You can get Slot Bonanza for iPad for free from the App Store. Slot Bonanza is also available for the iPhone from the App Store for free.

TheAppleGoogle Rating – 8/10