Mutli-Talented Business Tool – Beesy for iPad (REVIEW)

beesyBeesy for iPad is an App perfect for managing a business. With Beesy on iPad, you can take meeting notes, set goals, assign people to tasks, create tasks, have project reviews and more. You’ll never forget a thing once noted on Beesy and you’ll have the opportunity to follow up with people all the time.

When you first launch the App, you could be a bit confused. There’s just too much stuff. You’ve got your calendar on the left hand side which will allow you to keep a track of the dates and the events. In a meeting, you can take notes with Beesy and all tasks, goals and events can be filtered based on priority, date and various other requirements.
Beesy supports pincode protection so you can protect your confidential information. You can set add people to Beesy and later assign those people to certain tasks or projects. Audio recording can also be done and added to your notes. Notes can be taken as well. Pre-actions help a lot. So if you need to take a note with “call”, “map location”, “web address”, “deadline” or even “idea”, just tap on the desired action button and you can insert it instantly. All items can also be synced.
The interface has a great designed, but can feel a bit clunky at times. For small businesses, Beesy can help increase productivity. The price is bit on the high side at $5.99.

You can get Beesy for iPad from the App Store.

TheAppleGoogle Rating – 9/10