In Exclusive Interview, Larry Page Talks About Apple, Android, Search and More

Larry PageIn an exclusive interview to Fortune, Larry Page revealed the direction in which Google is heading, competition with Apple, big bet on Google Plus, Google X and lots more.

On Apple –

So do you have an ongoing conversation with Apple about these kinds of issues and trying to resolve them?

I mean, obviously we talk to Apple. We have a big search relationship with Apple, and so on, and we talk to them and so on.

On Google X –

Okay. But Google X [which includes self-driving cars and Project Glass, the augmented reality glasses] would definitely be on the 10?

Yeah. My experience is like it sounds kind of funny because I think investors always worry about this. You know, “Oh my God, they’re going to spend all their money on self-driving cars.” I feel like no matter how hard I try, I can never make the 10 bigger, because it’s actually hard to get people to work on stuff that’s really ambitious. It’s easier to get people working on incremental things.

On Google+ –

It is a big bet. What’s most important to you? Is competitive with Facebook (FB)? Is it about weaving identity across all of Google’s products? You’ve talked about adoption being higher than you expected. What’s the measure of success going forward?
I think it’s gone pretty well. I’m very happy if users of Plus are happy and the numbers are growing because that means that we’re on to something. We’ve got a huge team actually in this building. If you walk around, you see everyone’s excited and running around and working hard on it. I think that they’re doing great stuff. They’re making it better and better every day. That’s how I’m measuring it.

There’s [another] part of Google Plus. I think in order to make our products really work well, we need to have a good way of sharing. We had 18 different ways of sharing stuff before we did Plus. Now we have one way that works well, and we’re improving.

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