Kids – Engage With The Bible in Children’s Bible Games and Activities App for iOS

childrensbibleChildren’s Bible Games and Activities for iOS is an App by Barcelona Multimedia that will help your kid understand all about the holy Bible and engage with it. There are over 300 games and activities on over 60 bible stories that are narrated over comic strips. The main parts of the Bible are presented in a comic strip format that will make it easier for kids to grasp the concept. As a parent, if you are wanting to teach your kids about the Bible, Children’s Bible Games and Activities App is for you.

Simply install the App and as soon as you start it, you’ll be presented with fascinating Bible stories in a fascinating format that kids will adore. The App also provides a highly valued educational perpective as it includes 60 activities related to the teaching for Sunday School lessons. Parents and teachers will find the App extremely useful.
The graphics are very neatly done and the entire user experience is flawless. It is clear that the developer has put a lot of focus in making the App kids friendly. The App has been designed for kids 7 years+. While the entire App is available for free, additional chapters are available as in-app purchases.
Some interesting features:

-Universal app for iPhone and iPad.
-6 languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian and Catalan.
-Quick start and easy to use.
-Test the games for free.
-Buy the games with in-app purchases.
-You can use it offline.

From within the App, children can read the Bible in an interactive format, pray along with the “Children’s Bible Daily Prayer” and learn a lot by performing the activities in “Children’s Bible Games and Activities for your Kids and School”. We highly recommend Children’s Bible Games and Activities App for iOS. You can get the App for free from the App Store.

TheAppleGoogle Rating – 10/10