HEX IT – Highly Challenging Puzzle Game for iPhone

HEX ITHEX IT is a truly challenging puzzle game for iOS that will take your brain for a bumpy ride. HEX IT is innovative, mind-boggling and fun. Graphics are very neatly done and the gameplay is engaging. You objective in HEX IT is to twist the hexagons of different colors to match a specific pattern. You need to arrange all the gems in the perfect format in order to earn reward stars.

With over 30 exciting levels, HEX IT will definitely give you a hard time. There are skulls in between the gems and to break them, you need to make sure that all the gems around it are of the same color. The developer claims that the last 10 levels of the game are “almost impossible”.
A proper strategy needs to be put in place if you want to succeed in HEX IT. You just cannot pick up the game and play randomly.


•30 exciting levels of puzzles will keep you playing for hours.
•Time Attack Mode for each level
•Rating Mode
•Special gems like skull, chain and multi-colour which creates a great unique gameplay!
•Easy controls
•Beautiful High Resolution Retina Display Graphics.
•Very addictive gameplay
•Great replay ability
•Pleasant music
•More Levels and Updates to come
Get HEX IT if you always like to keep challenging yourself. If not, HEX IT is not for you.

HEX IT is available on the App Store for just $0.99.

TheAppleGoogle Rating – 8/10