Can You Untangle Them All In Tangled for Android (REVIEW)

Tangled, an iOS App Store success was recently made available for Android users. In Tangled, your objective is to untangle all the dots. Tangled is a puzzle game that features an easy concept, but will give your brain an extremely hard time. You will have to figure out ways in which you can untangle all of the connections.

No connections can be tangled. You can arrange the connections in any way you like, but make sure that they are untangled. The user interface is extremely charming and the gameplay is very easy to understand. You’ll get a hang of the gameplay within moments of firing the App, but when you start progressing to different levels, you’ll have a very hard time figuring out the right way to untangle them all.

The App supports mutli-touch so you can try to untangle multiple dots at once. There are over 90+ puzzles and 6 worlds, each of them with a breath-taking look. Every world and every level is different. Tangled features 10 difficulty levels. You need to seriously have a sharp mind in order to figure out how to untangle the dots. The dots should not overlap.

The game idea is pretty strong and the execution is also very well done. It can be very tough at times, but if you are the kind of guy who loves to take on challenges, give Tangled a shot.

You can get Tangled for Android for $1.99. The App is also available for iOS and Mac.

TheAppleGoogle Rating – 9/10