TryGuessThis for iOS Combines Words and Pictures for Fun (REVIEW)

TryGuessThis is a new iOS game which combines words and pictures and mixes it extremely well with social gaming. In TryGuessThis, before you begin, you need to validate with your email or Facebook account. That’s the place from where the social part begins. Users click pictures and then leave it up to friends to decide what the picture is.

Before posting a picture, you have to choose 3 words that define the picture to help your friends to guess the picture. You can have lots of fun while playing this game if you take pictures in a witty manner. You can play with multiple friends at the same time and have all of them guess your picture.

All pictures can be viewed. If some friend has posted the picture, you’ll be even able to view that. TryGuessThis will also give you certain words like “Giggle” and then you’ll have to click a picture that relates to it for your friends to guess. Instead of “Draw Something”, this game is more realistic. It can be made even more challenging though and the point system needs improvement.

Overall, the gameplay is neat and the social connections made are very strong. Performance is perfect. The graphics at the moment is not at all pleasing and needs changing. Think of TryGuessThis as a combination of “Logo Quiz” and “Draw Something”.

TryGuessThis is free on the App Store so you give it a go.

TheAppleGoogle Rating – 8/10