Star Splitter 3D for iOS – Perfect Space Shooter Game (REVIEW)

Star Splitter 3D for iOS and Android is a extraordinary space shooter game. It is simply brilliant. Star Splitter 3D features remarkable graphics completely done in 3D and unparalleled gameplay with easy-to-use controls. Here’s the scene – you are an intergalactic pilot and your job is to keep the enemies from entering your territory. You have an aircraft (space shooter) and you need to keep it strong and navigate in a way in open space so that your enemies cannot reach you. At the same time, you need to defend your turf.

You can control the game with the accelerometer, and choose the directions in which you have to shoot. Simply keep firing at your enemies, that’s your sole objective. As you progress, your opponents will become tougher. In that scenario, you’ll have to upgrade your weapons on your aircraft. To do so, you can either play perfectly and earn points or use the in-app purchases to gather points.

Sounds and music effects are very well placed and go hand in hand with the action based gameplay. There are many mission within the game and you’ll have to complete them in order to proceed. There are over 60 different missions.

Overall, Star Splitter is an incredible concept which has been perfectly executed. We highly recommend the game. Star Splitter is also available for free on the App Store, so do get it. You’ll like it.

TheAppleGoogle Rating – 10/10