RealMac Software to Raise Clear for Mac Price to $15

RealMac Software ClearRealMac Software today announced that they will be increasing the price of their incredibly simple yet powerful App, Clear for Mac. They have their own reasons for this increase in the pricing, something they call the “Beer Strategy”.

Here’s their approach to pricing –

Like most of us, when it comes to parting with my hard-earned money I’m an advocate for being prudent. To help decide on the value of something, I tend to use a “beer strategy”. While trying to decide if I really wanted something I would work out how many pints I could get with the same money, then by missing 1 night out I’d make a guilt and hangover free purchase. By applying this strategy to our latest release of Clear for Mac for example, £6.99 could just about get you 2 pints. So for a piece of software that will increase my productivity, that I’ll use every day skipping those two pints is an easy decision.

Now how about those Hiut Jeans I’ve been thinking about for a while? 40 pints. That’s a few nights out, so I best start saving! I’ve chosen both our app Clear and Hiut Jeans for a reason. Both have a story, have had many months of development, and been built by people with a passion for what they do.

To us, charging $15 for Clear for Mac is not a good deal, even though the App performs exceptionally well. After all, Apple charges $19.99 for Pages.

via RealMac Software Blog