Manage All Your Online Purchases with Online Purchases for iOS (REVIEW)

We all make a lot of purchases online. To keep a track of your items purchased from different web stores, you can use Online Purchases. Online Purchases for iOS is a brand new App that simply allows you to add entries of all your purchase details in the App so you can keep a track of it whenever you feel like.

The App has got different icons that can be associated with different stores. If you purchase something from Amazon, you can add the item to Online Purchases. You will be required to select an icon, enter the amount and purchase date. Once done, you will now be able to add the item to your shopping list. Later, you can always go back to your handy list and keep a track of which items have been delivered and which are still on their way.

Not only does Online Purchases act as a online shopping list tracker, but it works well if you want to create any type of list. The App is pretty basic and can be improved. The user interface needs some changing as well. When it comes to functionality, the App performs well. But design wise, things need changing.

You can get Online Purchases from the App Store for $0.99.

TheAppleGoogle Rating – 7/10