Fingergram for Android and iOS (Cydia) Is A Wacky App (REVIEW)

Fingergram is a wacky little App for iPhone (available only through Cydia) and Android. The App allows you to send the middle finger to anyone with an email address in a whole new way. The App has been designed just so users can have fun to each other, and not to hurt feelings. Users can send the middle finger to anyone in a wacky new way.

The finger can be attached with a special character like a horse, elephant, cat and more with a special message just for the recipient. It is more of a postcard App, but of-course, with an attitude. Fingergram can be used between students to send to one another and as the developer points out, Fingergram can help someone who is depressed to feel refreshed again.

At first sight, the idea seems strong and a viral one. While there have been many postcard Apps, there hasn’t been one so explicit. The interface of the App is extremely easy to use. The App is only available via Cydia for $0.99 which is somewhat of a disadvantage. For Android users, the App can be directly downloaded via the Google Play network for $0.99.

TheAppleGoogle Rating – 8/10