Cardiograph for iOS Measures Your Heart Rate Incredibly Well (REVIEW)

Cardiograph, a new iPhone App is able to measure your heart rate in an incredible way. With Cardiograph, you can turn your iPhone into a heart rate measurement device. The way Cardiograph functions is extremely neat. Just like professional medical equipment, Cardiograph uses the device’s in-built camera to calculate heart beat.

You can even track your results professionally using Cardiograph and save all of them for future reference. All data gets actively synced via iCloud. Cardiograph sports an extremely intuitive user interface that makes using it fun. For different people in the same family, Cardiograph features multiple profiles so different data stay separate.
Cardiograph Interface
Cardiograph displays your heart rate in an exclusive format. All data can also be exported for printing purposes. While exercising, Cardiograph can be a life saving tool. It would display your heart beat instantly so you can keep a track of your health.

A brilliant concept executed perfectly. Cardiograph is a must have. You can download Cardiograph for just $1.99 from the App Store.

TheAppleGoogle Rating – 10/10