Ants Are Battling for Food – Tap Quick in Tap Tap Ants: Battlefield for iOS (REVIEW)

Tap Tap Ants: Battlefield for iOS is a new game in which ants are attacking you food and you need to tap on the rapidly rushing ants in order to save your food and gain points. Tap Tap Ants:Battlefield comes from RiseUp Labs who have contributed largely to the App Store.

The game features attractive graphics along with a dynamic gameplay that makes the entire experience exceptional. Playing Tap Tap Ants: Battlefield is fun. You need to be really quick in order to keep progressing. The ants are rushing in from every direction possible and boy, they are fast. Think hard, tap in the right direction and you’ll be keeping the ants away.

In the Survival game mode, you need to survive for as long as you can. As the ants keep coming to attack your food, you need to make sure that they are not able to get their hands on most of your food. Game Center is completely integrated into the App so you can share your leading scores on a global leader board.

Overall, we like the graphics and the entire concept. You can get the App for free from the App Store.

TheAppleGoogle Rating – 9/10