Toddlers Will Learn Shapes, Colors And More In Puzzlino for iOS (REVIEW)

Puzzlino for iOS is an interactive game for toddlers and kids more than 2 years old. The App teaches kids all about colors, shapes and enhances creativity and memory. Puzzlino is a puzzle game with an extremely intuitive UI which will be pleasing for kids. With 4 game modes available, kids will have plenty of options to learn in a fun way. Puzzlino provides great educational value and is wrapped in an intuitive interface.

In the shape mode, kids are required to match the objects presented with the right shape options available. With the completion of an event, a very fascinating sound and character appears that kids will love. In the color modes, kids are required to match the objects with the right color. This will help improve the ability in them to understand more about the different colors around us.

Memory mode is interesting. The objects will be shown to the user at first as well as the color/location. They will then start blinking and the user will need to memorize the location/color and match it. Creative learning. The final free mode just allows children to do random stuff. The graphics and sound are great.

Puzzlino is a very fun puzzle game for children that provide huge educational values and makes learning fun. Kids will keep coming back to the App.

You can get it from the App Store for just $1.99 or try the limited lite version for free.

TheAppleGoogle Rating – 8/10