Only Allow Selective Calls With On Call for Android (REVIEW)

On Call for Android is a real life saver. There are times when you wish that all calls be blocked so you can probably attend the extremely important meeting of yours, but still be able to receive calls from your closest friends or family. On Call does exactly that. You can filter calls. Those contacts on your On Call favorites list will be allowed to call you when OnCall is activated. The rest will be blocked.

On Call features an extremely intuitive interface that is backed up by a very strong concept. You can select who will be able to call you and the rest of the interruptions will automatically be blocked.

Multiple contacts can be chosen and adding them to your favorites list is extremely easy. All your phone contacts are automatically available within On Call and you can also choose custom settings that define the way in which you will be notified when On Call contacts call you.

The App is available on Google Play for just EUR 0.99 and we highly recommend it. Get it now.

TheAppleGoogle Rating – 10/10