Retrobot Is An Epic Tank Shooter Action Game for iOS, With A Comic Book Twist (REVIEW)

Retrobot is an incredible tank shooter action game for iOS that will blow your mind. The graphics of Retrobot are absolutely stunning as the game tries to combine the gameplay with a one hundred panel comic book. It almost feels surreal. As described, the App is a fusion between a game and a comic. And the end result of that fusion is something dynamic.

Let’s talk about the gameplay first. You are in charge of a super tank and you’ve got to shoot stuff. The controls are easy and there are many levels. Riding along, aiming and shooting items is incredibly fun. With the hundred panel comic book, the gameplay is made revolutionary. There is a whole story behind the shooting and action packed adventure.

You’ll be facing different types of enemies throughout your journey. There will be bosses with you at times as well. The comic book also includes humor and there are tons of weapons available at your disposal. Even though the idea sounds complex, the developers have executed it in a simple fashion so that the user experience is phenomenal.

Overall, considering the concept, gameplay, graphics, sounds and the comic book idea, Retrobot is a great App.

You can get it from the App Store for just $0.99.

TheAppleGoogle Rating – 9/10