Play Exciting Ball Games in Throw Em Balls for iOS, Extremely Fun (REVIEW)

Throw Em Balls for iOS is simply amazing. Believe me, you’ll have tons of fun playing the game on your iOS device. In fact, I just gained 10,000 points by playing the game quickly. Alright, so let’s get to the point. In Throw Em Balls, you’ve got various ball relate sport games which you need to master in order to gain some cool points and unlock other games.

The first game is Basketball. You need to score points to unlock other levels and games. Just hit the ball in the basket and you get points, but make sure that you use the right power and direction. You need to be tactful. As you achieve 15,000 points, you’ll be able to unlock other cool games. The realistic Physics engine is extremely smooth.

The gameplay of Throw Em Balls is crazy fun. The graphics have been very neatly designed. Sounds are as they should be, crisp and clear. The entire concept of the game is extremely addictive and you’ll wanna keep on playing. It is a great time killer.

We love the design. And the way in which the game has been executed. It feels extremely realistic. Hopefully, more levels and games will be added soon.

We recommend that you get Throw Em Balls from the App Store. It is available for just $0.99.

TheAppleGoogle Rating – 10/10