Kids Can Choose, Wrap and Deliver Presents in Bamba Post Office for iPad

Bamba Post OfficeKids will have a lot of fun in Bamba Post Office for iPad. They can choose from a variety of presents, choose the colors, wrap them up, and deliver them in a unique fashion with Bamba Post Office for iPad. There are a few wacky characters like Yuri the Astronaut, Priya the Princess and Forest Frida‚Ä® who will be receiving the presents.

The App is based on a complete process. It starts with a selection of the presents. Kids are allowed to select from a lot of presents, boxes, wrapping paper, postage stamps, toys and other exciting stuff. Personalized cards can also be added. Kids can add cards and even add hand written messages to it. The camera can be accessed from inside the App so kids can take pictures and add them to their boxes of presents.
Bamba Post Office
With no in-app purchases or advertisements, kids will have a seamless experience. The choosing process is really fun and adds a whole new personalized touch to the overall experience. Bamba develops all Kids based Apps and we are certain that kids will love this new addition to the Bamba brand.

Bamba Post Office for iPad is a must have for kids. Very fun and educational. You can get the App for just $1.99 from the App Store.

TheAppleGoogle Rating – 10/10